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acne facial

We hate acne but we love helping people get their skin clear. Our Estheticians are trained to treat acne and clear up your skin over a series of treatments. It is important to say that this does not happen overnight.  The path to clear skin involves using acne fighting skincare products as well as getting regular facials to keep your pores clean.


Our acne facial includes in depth skin analysis, deep cleansing with steam, exfoliation targeted for acne with optional complimentary peel, extractions, high frequency plus a mini session of blue LED treatment and professional personalized product recommendations.

Dermatologists often want to jump right to prescribing antibiotics and potentially harmful drugs. We know from personal experience that antibiotics bring complications killing both good and bad bacteria - and often does not clear the acne, and some medications can permanently damage your skin by shutting off your oil glands, leaving your with dry skin for the rest of your life.

Try our non-invasive and proven methods and skincare products before the "nuclear" option of permanently altering your skin and oil glands.

Great for the following skin types and/or needs:

* acne treatments

* hormonal acne

* teen acne

* cystic acne

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