Frequently asked questions

Are facials necessary?

Absolutely! Having an esthetician analyze your skin each month is imperative to having and maintaining healthy skin. Facials are beneficial to the overall health of your skin, no matter the skin type or skin concern.

Is it worth getting a facial?

Definitely! Especially if you are willing to be patient with your results, consistent with your routine and appointments, and will listen to what your esthetician recommends for you, at Mod Society Facial + Mask Bar. Our facials are always curated and customized specifically for you depending on the state of your skin every time you see us. We understand that facials are not one size fits all.

Can a facial remove blackheads?

Yes, of course! All of our facials include optional extractions depending on what you are comfortable with. If you know you have a lot that needs to be extracted or extractions are too painful to you, we recommend the Hydrapurge modality to get a deep clean. The Hydrapurge uses suction to pull everything out of the pores and is an alternative to extractions.

What is the best facial treatment to remove blackheads?

Definitely our Hydrapurge modality! This machine uses a vortex suction that painlessly extracts and deep cleans the pores so they are free of blackheads and excess oil.

Are facials good for acne?

Facials aren't good for acne, they are AMAZING for acne! Acne is caused by the hair follicle being clogged by excess oil and dead skin. It is important that our acne clients are exfoliating that dead skin and excess oil regularly, and our acne facial can do that. We have an acne facial that is specifically curated to treat our acne clients. It is a 50 minute treatment that utilizes acne killing modalities such as LED Light Therapy and High Frequency. This treatment is also heavily focused on extractions and treating your skin with the proper acne fighting products to kill bacteria and calm inflamed skin.