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hydra-brasion facial

Cleanses... Exfoliates... Extracts... Hydrates...
Hydra-brasion also called wet microderm, hydra peel or silk peel is the latest non invasive treatment that combines the technology of mechanical and chemical microdermabrasion while improving your skin condition. Hydra-brasion is a non- laser treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates your skin. It's non irritating hence you can go back to work right after treatment with refreshed and glowing skin.
Fast and visible results
Non irritating
Hydrates skin 
Safe and effective treatment
Softens skin impurities while improving skin hydration. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes large  pores
Improves condition of acne-prone skin
Minimizes hyperpigmentation and brown spots. 

Great for the following skin types and/or conditions:

* dry skin

* aging Skin

* fine lines

* oily skin

* acne

* blackheads

* whiteheads

* hyperpigmentation

* collagen stimulation

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