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led therapy facial

Doctors have long understood that exposure to sunlight is beneficial for our health but regular sunlight also contains harmful rays that damage the skin.


LED therapy blasts your skin with only the good wavelengths of light and sends energy directly into your skin cells. the LED light energy is absorbed by your skin cells and helps them to increase collagen production.


LED has since been proven to induce healthy skin cells, stimulate collagen production, and kill bacteria that causes acne. we use LED for anti-aging, correcting discoloration, healing acne, and reversing the effects of sun damage. LED has been FDA approved for beauty treatments and red light therapy is known to help boost your mood.

Great for the following skin types and/or conditions:

* acne skin

* rosacea

* sun damaged skin

* sun spots

* aging skin

* acne

* dull skin

* normal skin

* collagen stimulation

​Red LED: Stimulates skin cells and energizes the connective tissues
Blue LED: Treats mild acne vulgaris by destroying bacteria in skin
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