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let the expert's decide 
THE WORKS facial

not sure what facial to get?  but you know that you want the most amazing facial ever? say no more.  book this facial and we'll take it from here.


our estheticians will examine your skin and discuss your skincare goals, then we're pulling out all the stops.  Oxygen, LED, a peel?  We'll do as much as we can fit into 60 min and your skin will thank you for it.

this facial includes everything in the ESSENTIAL let the experts decide facial, plus we can double up or triple up on modalities.

facials like this cost $300 to $500 in Beverly Hills, so let's just be thankful that we're in Texas :)

Great for any skin type including the following skin types and/or conditions:

* dry skin

* aging skin

* rosacea

* brightening

* acne skin

* combination skin

* normal skin

* oily skin

* blackheads

* whiteheads

* extractions

* hydrating facial

* custom facial

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