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man facial

men need to take care of their skin.  we want to look great and feel confident in our appearance. so why shouldn't guys be able to get facials?? we have faces too, right?

you will be happy to know that skincare is not gender specific. while it's often marketed that way, skin is skin. and our facials are great for men wanting to look healthier or struggling with acne.

if you're not sure what facial to get, try booking the mod advanced (let the experts decide) facial or give us a call and our estheticians can make a recommendation.

when you come in, we will analyze your skin and go from there.

~scott (co-owner and a dude)

We can treat the following skin conditions and more:

* acne scarring

* acne skin

* aging skin

* dry skin

* brightening

* normal skin

* combination skin

* oily skin

* blackheads

* whiteheads

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