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microdermabrasion + led + o2 facial

Learn why so many stars love the MICRODERM + LED + 02 facial! This triple power facials provide immediate visual improvements in the appearance, texture and consistency of your skin!


Oxygen allows an immediate improvement in skin texture, plumps fine lines and wrinkles and maximizes cellular function via increased respiration.


Microdermabrasion provides precise exfoliation, offering rapid improvements in the skin. The epidermis or top layer is polished to reveal softer, smoother skin, while encouraging renewal and regeneration.


You will also experience the benefits of Light Therapy. One of the newest, most celebrated and documented treatments for aging and damaged skin. This constant, non-invasive, non-ablative light technology reduces the appearance of damaged skin tissue without heat, without pain and without risk. It utilizes low frequency, high intensity LED lights in red, blue, and yellow to treat specific skin conditions. The concentrated light stimulates the cells to generate new skin cells and penetrates beneath the surface of the skin creating and pulling new collagen to the surface to fill-in lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin healthier and younger looking. 

Great for the following skin types and/or conditions:

* aging skin

* facial scarring

* oily skin

* fine lines

* wrinkles

* sun damaged

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