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Shop Local - Nov 2021

For a limited time we are offering an Enhanced Acne facial with extractions, peel, and full set of take home products for $110 (reg. $315)

Expert consult, steam, deep cleansing with our Hydrapurge machine using Salicylic acid, water and suction, ultrasonic to remove dead skin & debris. Extended extractions, Galvanic to help dissolve sebum and clogged pores, Blue LED (for Mild to moderate acne vulgaris) plus a Salicylic or Mandelic Peel. You will also receive a full set of acne products:

  • Cleanser

  • Toner

  • BPO

  • Moisturizer

To book call or text: 972-876-9527 and mention the Shop Local deal. Thank you Flo Mo for your support!

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