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Are facials good for acne?

Facials are great for acne when using the correct products and treatment modalities. Pore cleansing facials with extractions to remove congestion, chemical peel treatments, along with LED light therapy treatments are all great options to treat and help prevent acne.

Pore cleansing facials are a good option for someone with sensitive skin and pregnant clients as there are no harsh chemicals. Steam is typically used to soften sebum trapped in the pores, making for easy extractions. A clay or mud based mask used at the end of the treatment dries excess oil and removes impurities.

Chemical peel treatments are also great for clearing acne. There are many different forms of chemical peels, salicylic acid and mandelic acid being ideal. Salicylic acid which was originally derived from the willow tree, is primarily used to treat acne due to its ability to penetrate the pore and clean acne causing debris. Mandelic acid derived from almonds, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for treating acne. Mandelic acid is also great for treating post inflammatory pigmentation “the red marks left over as a breakout heals”.

LED blue light therapy can be used in combination with any of the treatments talked about earlier. LED blue light therapy greatly reduces the acne causing bacteria which reduces inflammation associated with acne. LED light therapy is also proved to reduce pore size, stabilize oil production and promote healthy cell turnover.

All the treatments discussed are great options to treat acne and are offered in our customized facials at Mod Facial Bar but in order to see lasting results, it is necessary to being using acne safe products for home care as well. Our Face Reality Skincare products are made for acne prone individuals and do not have any pore clogging ingredients. With our Acne Bootcamp monthly membership you can receive a monthly facial or peel along with, a personalized Face Reality Skincare home care regimen to ensure best rests and get your skin clear!

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