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Are facials good for you?

Absolutely! We spend time at the gym, the hair salon, nail salon and tend to neglect our faces which is the first thing people see!

There are a number of benefits from getting regular facials. Ever have someone say “you look so tired.”? That’s because fatigue and stress can make your face look drawn. Facials at Mod Facial bar help get the oxygen and nutrients flowing to your face by using our oxygen serum mask which promotes stabilized oxygen to deliver important peptides, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants into your skin to leaving it hydrated, detoxified, and plump. You will immediately see a difference in your skin. By getting facials on a regular basis cell turnover is encouraged and collagen boosting. All of which promotes healthy and beautiful skin.

We also perform extractions on your skin the professional way. No picking or prodding which can cause potential scaring, spreading bad hygiene as well as creating broken capillaries. By getting extractions on a regular basis your skin will look healthier and suffer fewer break outs. We begin with steam on your face to help soften the sebum for easier more agreeable extractions.

We perform the right kind of massage to restore the nutrient flow and elasticity of the tissue. This helps to re-boot collagen, elastin and natural moisture that are already in your skin but just needs a little wakening. Regular facial massages keep your skin complexion looking young, healthy and refreshed and not sallow by releasing toxins.

We use a mask designated for your skin type and needs. How often do you find yourself applying a mask in your bathroom? Not very often! We specifically evaluate your skins need and choose a professional mask to calm, hydrate or decongest your skin.

A professional set of eyes! By having your skin evaluated under a super magnifier and black light lamp technology to help identify underlying issues under fluorescent light your Esthetician will see things you may not even see yourself. You may not know you have rosacea-prone skin or that the products you are using are not for your skin type or they are too harsh. Your skin is constantly changing so it’s important to ensure your products are changing with your skin care needs.

Exfoliation -We live in a world of never-ending free radicals. We are always facing toxins, UV rays, left over makeup and dirt which can cause our skin to look ruddy and run down along with congestion. At Mod Facial Bar we believe in exfoliation! As we age our skin cells turn over less and less causing our skin to look old and tired instead of refreshed and new. Dead skin cells tend to build up and can cause congestion. We help kick those skin cells in the bottom by using fruit acid peels, microdermabrasion and medical strength peels which can help remove lines on your face, sun-damage, wrinkles, discoloration, acne scarring and help diminish acne. Our skin care experts will help decide which exfoliation is right for you.

We offer high tech treatments that can only be performed in a licensed spa, medical spa or physicians office. One treatment is LED light therapy. This treatment was discovered by NASA and has proven to reduce redness, kill bacteria, stimulate collagen and change the overall texture and tone of your skin. We also offer micro-current “non surgical face lift” this type of machine was initially used to treat bells palsy. It retrains the muscles of the face as they once were. Ask us about our microcurrent facial!

And last but not least facials are a great way to alleviate stress! Everyone is busy, we rarely take time for ourselves. Spending 30 mins at least in a peaceful and relaxing environment can help restore not only beautiful skin but a beautiful mind!

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