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Are all facial's created equally?

Different places, different facials…What’s the difference between spa facials, massage spas, medical spas and mod society facial + mask bar.

Facials are now offered at a lot of places from big massage chains, day spas, nail spas, independent Estheticians, Medical spas, Dental practices, and even Gynecologist offices! So the question is what’s the difference between them?

If you choose to book a facial at a day spa, expect more of a relaxing and pampering experience. Skin issues can be addressed, but the ingredients are geared towards comfort and soothing. While sometimes the services can be effective, they generally steer away from more aggressive treatments such as chemical peels, microderm, deep exfoliation, etc.

Med spa facials tend to not be the opposite of that. More attention is given to serious skin concerns and they take a more clinical approach to achieve results. They are able to do the type of procedures that require a medical director such as: injections (Botox or Juvederm), lasers, and peels (like Jessner and TCA) that sometimes require serious down time. Some of them offer the Hydrafacial MD by Edge Systems.

Facials performed at massage chain spas are similar to what you’d get at a day spa (they’re relaxing) but you don’t get the full “day” spa experience. It’s basically a 60 min facial and you’re on your way. Their facials may include steam with some light extractions but more than anything they focus on the massage aspect of the facial. These facials are designed to be a relaxing experience but often have little benefit toward addressing skin concerns. Also, Estheticians are generally fresh out of school and haven’t had the chance to use other modalities, skincare machines or technology.

At mod society, located in Flower Mound TX, we offer fast, effective and affordable skin care with a modern twist. We provide many of the advanced treatments that you may find at a med spa but we do them in a relaxing and modern setting. We offer a fresh mask bar with handmade masks that we make in house that incorporate the finest ingredients and they smell edible! mod facial bar facials always include extractions, an exfoliation, steam, oxygen therapy treatment to revive dull and tired skin and we perform peels from the milder side to the more aggressive side. (keep in mind downtime will be expected with our stronger treatments). We also use equipment that’s proven to provide a difference in the skin such as LED Therapy (researched by Nasa), Micro-current Facials (technology invented to lift the face muscles in people with Bell's Palsy), Oxygen Facials (Red Carpet Facials), and Hydra refining facials (similar to the Hydrafacial MD) which uses a vortex tip to deeply cleanse the face and Microdermabrasion (crystal, water, and diamond).

Our services are geared to exfoliate the skin which increases cell turnover rate and slows down the aging process. We also tackle acne and help the skin be less prone to breakouts. We also provide relaxing facials such as our mod luxe facial that’s geared not only for results in the skin but also a relaxing and pampering experience while including a hand, arm, face, neck and decollete massage. You will leave mod facial bar with glowing, healthy and rejuvenated skin!

At mod society facial + mask bar we encourage you to try out facials at all of the above mentioned spas and see what fits you goals and your budget. We also encourage you to try out all of our Estheticians on staff we all bring different techniques and styles to the table.

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