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Down and Dirty Dad Facial - June FOM

June is for dads! Dog 🐶 dads, Cat 🐈‍⬛ dads, boy ♂️dads, girl ♀️ dads, dads dad, wanna be dads - or guys who never wanna be a dad :)

For the dude in your life, book a Down and Dirty Dad Facial! His journey will begin with a deep skin cleansing with Glycolic Glow and a deep pore purging with our very own Hydrapurge modality to clean those dirty pores! Steam and hot towels will be applied after that. Then we apply a charcoal mask to Dad's face and if he’s not fast asleep and snoring, he surely will be once we start the face and neck massage! Dad will walk out refreshed and renewed with glowing skin!

To book this facial of the month online, please choose from a mod Single; or if you'd like additional modalities select the mod DUO, or THE WORKS! facial category and then select Facial of the Month.

Or call / text us at 972-876-9527 with any questions.

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