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we love animals

We donate a portion of our profit to take care of our 4 legged friends.  We partner with an animal shelter in Mexico called Tierra de Animales.  It began when Sandy and Scott visited CanCun Mexico and on that trip we encountered what seemed like hundreds of starving and abused dogs.  You won’t see the dogs in the touristy area, but if you venture outside the city limits, you will no doubt see hungry dogs roaming the streets.  Some may be chained to trees with no access to water, left behind and forgotten.

Ricardo is the founder of Tierra de Animales, and he is unlike anyone we’ve ever met.  He will risk his own life to jump fences and free starving and abused animals.  He not only believes in animal rights, but he has devoted his life to saving and improving the lives of animals.  They have all kinds of animals on the grounds there.  It’s kind of like a Noah’s Ark, south of the border.

If you ever visit Mexico, look him up.  Your donations can make a difference.  This is one non-profit where you money actually makes an impact, as opposed to going to pay large salaries and overhead.

small business giving back


acne stinks...

That's why we offer a reduced rate for teens that cannot afford to pay full price.  Email and share your story with us.

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