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Thai Relaxing Facial

Our November Facial is the Thai Relaxing Facial.  It focuses on relaxation, exfoliation, hydration as well as an escape from our daily stresses!  

We use a steamed poultice from Thailand (shown above). The poultice is filled with organic herbs - including Thai ginger, Java apple leaf, patchouli, lavender, geranium, bergamot and lemongrass. Not only does the action of the poultice benefit your face, but the steamed herbs are also wonderful for your skin.

Most of us carry excess puffiness in our face due to allergies, diet, sleep patterns and other factors. The Thai Seasonal Facial helps with this by improving lymphatic drainage, which then produces immediate results for your face. Some claim to have noticed reduced appearance of wrinkles, less puffiness around the eyes, more defined jaw line and more defined cheek bones after the facial. 

* this facial can be used as your monthly membership facial for either the advanced or progressive membership.

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